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AirNav RadarBox Micro ADSB Aircraft Transponder Receiver and Antenna


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  • Brought to you via Rocket Radio Letchworth. We have a RadarBox Micro on demo here in the Rocket Radio shop and are able to assist you setting yours up if purchased from us.
  • Software is downloaded from the link 
  • Real-Time Radar Mode-S & ADS-B Decoder
  • No Need For External PSU
  • Plug & Play Out The Box Via USB Connection
  • No Programming Needed
  • No Need For Third Party Files
  • No Live Data Delay
  • Extremely Stable Platform
  • Lightweight Easy To Carry USB dongle
  • High Definition Worldwide Map Layers
  • Worldwide Aviation Database Included
  • 1 Million+ Locations - Shorelines, Borders & Cities
  • Quick Location Feature
  • Worldwide Elevation Data
  • Watch The Action Live From Home
  • Zoom Worldwide To Runway Level
  • Network Your Station With Others
  • Centre Map On Your Home
  • Everything You Need Apart From The PC!

What is Airnav RadarBox Micro? 

Airnav RadarBox is the closest you can be to real world aviation without leaving your chair thanks to next generation radar decoding. By decoding ADB-S (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) Radar Signals, you will be able to see on your computer what real Air Traffic Controllers see on their screens in Real-Time. Flight number, aircraft type, altitude, heading, speed are all updated each second. Included is the award winning software interface developed by the worlds leader in flight tracking and monitoring solutions, AirNav Systems. AirNav RadarBox Micro is equipped to be used in any location all over the world. 3D Multi-window maps with worldwide coverage, more than 200,000 geographic points included. Airports, runways, VOR, NDB, FIX, cities, roads, airways, elevation data.


Software Features:

  • Track flights in real-time
  • Second by second updates on flight number, aircraft registration, altitude, speed, heading and vertical speed
  • Real-time retrieval of aircraft details including registration, company, aircraft type
  • Based on the award winning AirNav Systems 3D multi-window map interface
  • Easy plug & play USB connection - no complex time consuming setup
  • ACARS Decoder interface
  • Real-time weather information
  • Photos of all tracked aircraft
  • Export data and generate reports in XML, Text and PDF
  • Share screen shots or send logs automatically to your friends
  • MyLog feature - log all and share with all your friends all the aircraft you receive
  • Alert generation for specific aircraft or in-range flights
  • Radar player to review airspace recordings
  • Editable callsign database included: know the origin and destination of each flight

What's In The Box? RadarBox-Pro comprises link to the genuine AirNav software, 1.090GHz data receiver and an antenna. The antenna can be used either at home with and magnetic base, enabling it to be mounted on a car roof. All you will need is a Windows PC because the system is self-powered via the USB dongle. 

Plug In & Play Simply connect the AirNav RadarBox-Pro to your computer, install the software from the link, attach the supplied aerial and start tracking flights in real time.

For advice and information, call the shop in Letchworth on 01462 675481