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RSGB Amateur Radio Exam Secrets



RSGB Amateur Radio Exam Secrets

By Alan Betts, G0HIQ

For those who are studying for the UK amateur radio examinations and want more information, then this is the book. Covering all three levels of amateur radio licence Amateur Radio Exam Secrets is designed to extend knowledge and test candidate's comprehension.

Amateur Radio Exam Secrets is divided into the topic areas that align with the Radio Communication Foundation (RCF) Syllabus for amateur radio examinations. Each section is numbered as in the syllabus and has a brief introduction to the material, followed by a number of sample questions. The introductions are designed to remind candidates of the important facts and relevant details. The questions provided are in the same style as the actual examinations and are typical of those candidates will meet. There is a full summary of answers, alongside sample papers for the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced examinations. You will even find copies of the reference material provided to candidates during their examinations.

Amateur Radio Exam Secrets provides the ideal training course companion for both candidates and tutors. If you are by studying for any level of the amateur radio examination Amateur Radio Exam Secrets provides the ideal revision aid and quick reference book.

Size 297x210 mm, 104 pages, ISBN 9781 9050 8649 1