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RSGB Morse Code for Radio Hams Book with FREE CD ROM !



This is the 9th edition of this hugely popular title and it has been completely re-written by Morse enthusiast Roger Cooke, G3LDI and sets a new standard for books covering Morse code. With a free CD of both audio and computer programmes and a fine book there is no better guide to learning Morse code available.

As you would expect this book covers the history of Morse, how to get started, abbreviations and prosigns, how to increase your speed and ultimately using the code when DXing or contesting. A chapter on keys discusses the way to use a straight 'pump' as well as modern keys and paddles. You also are provided with the latest learning techniques involving computers and there are circuits included to build a Morse practice oscillator and an electronic keyer.

FREE CD: For the first time included is a free dual purpose computer/audio CD. This contains nearly an hour of audio recordings of Morse code at 5, 10 and 15 words per minute. This provides ideal the opportunity to learn Morse code in the car or at leisure by playing the disk in any CD player. The computer section also contains these audio files which can be run on a PC soundcard or downloaded to a personal MP3 player. The CD also contains a whole host of Morse software from learning Morse programmes through to Morse contesting software. In addition a there is bonus material such as additional articles and pictures and an array of web links.

Morse Code for Radio Amateurs is essential reading and listening for anyone wanting to widen their horizons by adding Morse code to their skills.

Rocket Radio are authorised RSGB book stockists, this book is brand new.