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RSGB Rig Guide - New and second hand radio prices ! Latest 2009 Edition



RSGB Rig Guide - Printed 2009

Would you like to know how to avoid paying over the odds when you buy and how to get the best price when you sell amateur radio equipment? If so, the fully updated and revised Rig Guide is the book for you

The RSGB Rig Guide not only provides the current price of the popular commercial amateur radio transceivers, receivers, scanners and linear amplifiers, but the trade-in and second hand prices of them too. You'll find extensive lists of past models from Alinco, Yaesu, Icom, TenTec and Kenwood and many others and we're not just talking about current models. The RSGB Rig Guide includes information on second hand equipment too! With over 300 transceivers, receivers and linear amplifiers covering HF, VHF, UHF, they are all here, with photos and descriptions.

You could easily recoup the cost of the RSGB Rig Guide with your very first purchase or sale by simply knowing how much you ought to pay for an item (or sell). There is though much more in the RSGB Rig Guide. Are you bamboozled by terminology? There are tips for buyers and a guide to selling and trading in that will have you presenting your equipment for sale like a pro. The RSGB Rig Guide tells you to avoid getting lumbered with stolen gear. How to make sure that an item of equipment has all its standard accessories? The RSGB Rig Guide contains a list of the abbreviations used in the descriptions and an explanation of them all. Want to know when an item of equipment was reviewed? There is an index of all equipment reviewed in RadCom since 1990. You will even find a selection of equipment reviews for current models. The RSGB Rig Guide covers that and more, too!

All-in-all the RSGB Rig Guide is the book that can pay you to buy it!