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WEP2000 / WGM270 On-Glass 2m/70cm Antenna Kit



Look ! Brand new and almost impossible to find elsewhere.

An 'On-Glass' WEP2000 2m/70cm Dual Band amateur radio antenna.

Complete packaged kit includes whip, tunable matching box, alchohol glass cleaning wipe, coaxial cable, trimming tool to adjust VSWR.

Also, complete installation instructions.

  • 50W RF Power handling
  • Typical VSWR below 2:1 on both bands
  • 2.5db (VHF) 4db (UHF) gain
  • Antenna height 70cm (Aprox)
  • PL259 Connector (adaptors in my ebay shop)
  • Can be fitted in a vehicle, or for base station use at home (in flats, rented accomodation etc where cable and mounting holes are not allowed or not desired)

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