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Sirio 27A Full Size Balcony Antenna



 This is the Sirio 27A Full Size Balcony Antenna. It is designed to clamp to balcony railings.


CB & 10m Balcon or temporary installation antenna
Factory tuned at mid-band
Tunable by length adjusting
BALCONY 27 A: main whip made of aluminium alloy 6063 T-832 and tapered glass fibre radial with inside helical winding
P/N 2113001.00    BALCONY 27 A
Electrical Data
Type: 1/4 λ boomerang
Frequency range: 27-28.5 MHz
Impedance: 50Ω unbalanced
Radiation (H-plane): 360° omnidirectional
Polarization: vertical
Gain: 0 dBd, 2.15 dBi
Bandwidth at S.W.R. 2:1:
  BALCONY 27 A: 780 KHz 
S.W.R. at res. freq.: ≤ 1.2:1
Max. power:
  BALCONY 27 A: 200 Watts (CW) continuous, 600 Watts (CW) short time 
Feed system / Position: Direct / center
Connector: UHF-female
Mechanical Data
Materials: Aluminium, Steel, Nylon, Glass fibre, Copper
Wind load:
 BALCONY 27 A: 33 N at 150 Km/h 
Wind resistance: 140 Km/h
Wind surface:
  BALCONY 27 A: 0.03 m² 
Height (approx.):
  BALCONY 27 A: 3670 mm 
Weight (approx.):
  BALCONY 27 A: 720 gr 
Radial length (approx.): 1130 mm