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Sirio Signal Keeper Loft or Mast Mount Base CB Antenna



 This is the Sirio Signal Keeper Loft or Mast Mount Base CB Antenna, it is ideal if you really can't have a full size CB antenna on your property.

It will stand up in your loft, or in the corner of your room (we sell a lot of these to people who are in sheltered accomodation for instance)

The antenna will also mount to the top of a mast 35 - 40mm in diameter.


CB Base station antenna
Omnidirectional, Compact dimensions
Tunable by whip length adjusting
Made of aluminium alloy 6063 T-832
Side mast mounting allowed by optional bracket FT-2 code 2510004.00
P/N 2101301.00    SIGNAL KEEPER 27
Electrical Data
Type: 1/4 λ base loaded ground plane
Frequency range: 26-28 MHz
Impedance: 50Ω unbalanced
Radiation (H-plane): 360° omnidirectional
Polarization: vertical
Gain: 0 dBd, 2.15 dBi
Bandwidth at S.W.R. 2:1: 850 KHz
S.W.R. at res. freq.: ≤ 1.2:1
Max. power:
 100 Watts (CW) continuous
 300 Watts (CW) short time
Feed system / position: Direct / Center
Connector: UHF-female
Mechanical Data
Materials: Aluminium, Steel, Nylon
Wind load / resistance: 36 N at 150 Km/h / 130 Km/h
Wind surface: 0.03 m²
Height (approx.): 2370 mm
Weight (approx.): 640 gr
Radial length (approx.): 640 mm
Mounting mast: Ø 35-40 mm