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Digital Virgin Sky Broadband Cable TV Satellite Coaxial Cable 20 metres



This is a 20 metre spool of brand new digital quality 75 Ohm coaxial cable as picture. (multiple lengths are available up to 100 metres )

Suitable for Digital Satellite, Broadband Cable, Freeview, TV & Video use where best quality signal transmission is required.

Has a double copper shield for minimum signal loss.

White outer insulation, so will blend in with white windows, skirting and soffit boards etc.

Also included are a connector for each end, with a choice of

TV / Video Connectors
'F' type Satellite / Cable screw-on connectors
Just tell me what you need with your order.

This is of very good quality indeed.

I also include a photo of the 100m drum label so you can see the technical specifications of this 20m cable spool.


Cable Colour: Black