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About us

A great deal of you will have already purchased from us. We are now among the top sellers of two way Radio Communications equipment in the UK.

Our customers are many and varied across the whole spectrum of Radio Communications and consumer radio electronics.

They include:

Government Departments including the Home Office

Marine VHF and SSB HF Radio

Emergency Services including The St Johns Ambulance

DAB Digital Radios

Professional aeronautical users including Powered, Glider and Balloons

Mountain Rescue and Outreach Teams

Marine users, both inshore and offshore, Coast Guard and Maritime Police two way radio

Business users including Security, Transport and Taxi Etc

Agricultural & Horticultural

Retail (Shop-Watch) & Restaurant Service

Hobby users including Amateur, CB Radio, PMR446

Community and Public Broadcast Radio stations operating on 88 - 108MHz

Also, we supply a host of electrical accessories including voltage droppers, headsets, batteries, inverters, radar, Navtex, GPS, asset tracking, chandlery two way radios etc.

Other customers include;

Maritime, both yachting and cruisers

Motorcyclists & training schools

Caravaning and camping


Scouts and Guides

Family safety whilst on holiday on the beach etc.

You will get an idea of our attention to customer service by our feedback. The reason we have so few negative comments is because we bend over backwards to help our customers. Look at how many customers return to us time and time again !



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Call Us Now: 01462 675481