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MRP-2000 MK.2 25-2000MHz Scanner Pre-Amplifier



 This is the MRP-2000 MK.2 25-2000MHz Scanner Pre-Amplifier. Hear those weak signals and previously inaudible sounds with this high performance amplifier. It has been designed to increase signals within the range of the amplifier (25-2000MHz) and also reject signals outside that range. Simply connect in between your radio and antenna for great results.


  • Frequency range: 25-2000MHz
  • Gain: 6-20db
  • Impedance: 50Ohms
  • Weight: 15g (without battery)
  • Size: 100x53x38mm

Power Requirements

  • Internal: 9V PP3 Battery (Not supplied)
  • External: 9-15V DC @ 10-15mA (2.1mm jack centre positive) Optional lead and PSU required

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