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SDR-Play RSP1 Software Defined Radio (Free P&P to UK)



The SDR play RSP1 is a powerful wideband full featured SDR which covers all frequencies from 10 kHz up to 2 GHz.  All it needs is a PC and an antenna to provide a powerful communications receiver.

Combined with the power of readily available SDR receiver software (including our own"SDRuno") you can enjoy all modes of operation while monitoring up to 10 MHz of spectrum at a time.  An open API allows developers to create new demodulators or applications around the platform. 

Features :-

  • Robust and strong plastic case
  • Continuous coverage from 10kHz to 2GHz
  • 12bit ADC silicon technology (not another 8 bit dongle!)
  • Built in High Performance front end filters
  • Up to 10MHz bandwidth
  • Good sensitivity and selectivity
  • Low noise floor
  • Simple USB interface (type B socket, requires A - B USB lead - not supplied)
  • SMA antenna socket
  • Powers over the USB cable
  • SDRuno World class SDR software
  • Ideal for portable operation
  • No need for an upconverter
  • Covers all amateur bands from experimental LF through HF, VHFand UHF
  • Simultaneous entire amateur band monitoring possible
  • Works with all the popular SDR software (including HDSDR, SDR Console, Cubic SDR& our own SDRuno)   
  • Compatible with existing open source radio software
  • ExtIO based plugin available
  • Compatible with Mirics Radio & TV software
  • Software upgradeable for future standards
  • Strong and growing software support network
  • API provided to allow demodulator or application development
  • Multiplatform support including Windows, Linux, Mac Androidand Raspberry Pi 2/3

What does it do? An explanation here from co-founder Jon G4ABQ